Liz Kramer, the author of ArbitrationNation, is part of a national arbitration practice group at Stinson Leonard Street — one of the few law firms to have a group dedicated to arbitration.

We know that choosing arbitration as a method to resolve disputes is an important decision for each business. There are many advantages to using an arbitrator, with experience in your industry, to work with the parties to choose a discovery and hearing process that fits an individual case and to bring finality much faster than in the court system.  Our attorneys are well versed in all facets of arbitration and work with clients to help them get the most out of the process from start to finish.

The law surrounding arbitration has been evolving rapidly in the past decade, making it essential to know the latest cases and regulations affecting arbitration in different industries in order to develop the best strategy. That’s why we have lawyers with deep expertise in the law of arbitration who can draft arbitration clauses that fit your needs, enforce those arbitration clauses, represent your company in any arbitrated disputes, and defend the resulting award.  In addition to our extensive experience representing clients in arbitration, our team has served as arbitrators in a variety of disputes.

Contact Liz Kramer to find out more about how she and the arbitration group at Stinson Leonard Street can help you.