ArbitrationNation is a blog that Liz Kramer started in 2011 to serve as a resource for litigators, in-house counsel, arbitrators, and pro se litigants  about the many thorny issues that arise under the Federal Arbitration Act.  The blog has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best legal blogs in the nation.  The ABA Journal placed ArbitrationNation in the “Blawg 100” list every year from 2012-2016. In 2017, the ABA Journal elevated the blog to its Blawg Hall of Fame, which recognizes the “very best law blogs, known for their untiring ability to craft high-quality, engaging posts.”

How did this blog come to be?  Liz Kramer’s interest in arbitration law was sparked nearly 15 years ago, when she clerked at the Minnesota Supreme Court and was able to help bring Minnesota’s law on arbitration in line with federal law.  Her interest deepened as Liz started handling her own cases in arbitration  as well as fighting over whether cases belonged in arbitration.  She soon realized that arbitration law — especially the U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of it — had developed so rapidly that many parties, practitioners, and decision makers had not kept up.   Misinformation about arbitration was leading to bad precedent and significant misunderstandings about basic issues like: when should clients choose arbitration, when can parties compel arbitration, when can arbitration awards be vacated, and how will an arbitration proceed?

So, after publishing in traditional outlets for years, Liz started blogging weekly about arbitration law in August of 2011.  Her hope was, and is, to help people and parties better understand how arbitration works and the key principles of modern arbitration law, so that they can make informed decisions in their contracts and disputes.  In addition to blogging, Liz educates lawyers, arbitrators and judges around the country with CLEs. Oh yeah, she also has a day job representing clients, often with arbitration issues.  You can contact her via this page.