As many of you know from LinkedIn or Twitter, I have accepted an exciting new position. I will be Minnesota’s Solicitor General starting next week.  Because I want to give my full attention to serving this great state, I need to step back from ArbitrationNation.

Thankfully, however, I have a wonderful replacement lined up.  My friend and fellow arbitration geek, Prof. Henry Allen Blair, has agreed to serve as the primary blogger here. I trust you will welcome him and keep him informed, just as you did with me, sending new cases, new studies, as-yet-unpublished data, and ideas for interesting posts.  He will bring different expertise (and different cultural references) to his posts, and I can’t wait to read them.

Accepting that I would no longer be the sole and primary individual associated with this blog was a much bigger psychological hurdle than I anticipated.  In 2011, when I started blogging, I was just hoping for the best, with no idea whether anyone would be interested in posts about arbitration law.  Now, ArbitrationNation reaches an average of 8,000 readers each month, including journalists, judges, arbitrators, and many inside counsel.  I am thrilled to have helped create this community.  I am also thrilled to leave it in excellent hands.

Thank you all.  Thank you for supporting this blog, for engaging with me on tough issues,  for asking me to contribute to articles or to speak at conferences, and for being friends.