When Liz first told me that she was going to be our state’s new Solicitor General, I was overwhelmed, feeling a great wave of pure, abject panic.

Don’t get me wrong, Liz is going to be an outstanding Solicitor General, and Minnesota couldn’t be luckier to have her. In fact, I think hiring her for the gig is one of the smartest things Minnesota has done in years. Yay Minnesota.

But come on Liz, what about me? I was terrified, you see, about what would happen to ArbitrationNation. I’ve been an avid reader of the blog for many years, and it’s been a tremendous resource for me, as I’m sure it has been for all of you.

Then she suggested that I take over the primary responsibility for maintaining it. Turns out that I didn’t really know what panic was.

The truth is that I am honored to step in, roll up my sleeves, and do my best to continue Liz’s amazing work. But it is a daunting enterprise. Liz’s expertise, humor, and intellect have built this blog from nothing into one of the most respected and valuable resources on the law and practice of arbitration out there. I will miss Liz’s regular contributions and insights. But rest assured, I’ll bug her plenty to help me out. And I hope that you all will help me out as well. As you did with Liz, please send me your questions, comments, insights, cases, studies, and ideas for posts.

I’ll not bore you with a bunch of details about me, though please feel free to check out my bio. But as Liz said, I’m definitely a fellow arbitration nerd. I teach and write about arbitration, I serve as a mediator and arbitrator for commercial disputes (I’m happy to talk about serving in that role if you find yourself in need of a neutral), and I represent clients in arbitration-related matters as Of Counsel for Greene Espel, P.L.L.P. (I’m also happy to talk about helping as counsel or co-counsel on arbitration-related issues).

Most importantly, I love this stuff and I am looking forward to engaging with you.