Happy Thanksgiving from Arbitration Nation! 

There are no new and exciting cases to talk about,* so I am reverting to the Thanksgiving staple — talking about what I am thankful for.  And, I am thankful for all of you!  Starting this blog has been one of the highlights of my professional year.  Not only has Arbitration Nation gotten an impressive number of visitors in its first three months, but it has been featured as a “contributor” on other websites about dispute resolution, and has prompted fascinating emails from many of you (forwarding me articles and journals, or telling the tales of your own arbitration or your litigation over arbitration). 

For those of you who just can’t get enough information about dispute resolution, here are some other blogs and websites you may want to check out**:

http://www.adrtimes.com/ (variety of articles and resources on conflict resolution, mediation and arbitration)

http://kluwerarbitrationblog.com/ (focus is international arbitration) 

http://www.adr.org/sp.asp?id=29502 (the AAA’s newsletter)

http://www.karlbayer.com/blog/ (“Disputing”)

http://www.adrtoolbox.com/ (“ADR toolbox” — has a “blog roll” of interesting articles in the header)

* But there are always un-exciting cases to talk about.  For example, the Federal Circuit does not consider arbitration proceedings privileged, and therefore held that a third-party can discover information about a completed arbitration (Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. v. First Quality Baby Products, LLC, 2011 WL 5529821 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 15, 2011)), and the highest court in New York will not vacate an arbitration just because the arbitrator’s son is a member of Congress who has taken positions on issues relevant to the arbitration (U.S. Electronics, Inc. v. Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., 2011 WL 5526016 (N.Y. Nov. 15, 2011)).

** If you know of a great arbitration website that I did not include, please email me about it!   (My email is on the “our bloggers” tab.)

Enjoy your holiday!